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Marc Jacobs Has Blue Hair

Marc Jacobs

Photo: WireImage

I suppose you could say I’m having a midlife crisis. But I’m enjoying it,” Marc Jacobs told W recently. Until now, we didn’t believe him. Sure, he is still dating someone much younger who may or may not be bad news. And yeah, he’s begun fighting with his co-workers a lot lately. Sure, sure, he’s also been on a big health kick and won’t stop trying to prove that he’s still sexy to anyone who will look at him. But still, we defended him. He’s an artiste, we’d explain. He can’t stay on the cutting edge by being boring and not evolving! But then we saw this. Blue hair? Don’t say it’s for his annual holiday party — this year’s theme is “Arabian Nights” and everybody knows all Arabians have black hair, even the genie from Aladdin who WAS BLUE.

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Marc Jacobs Has Blue Hair