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Omar Won’t Fire Willie!

Omar and Willie

It kind of seems like a lot is going unsaid in this photo of Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya (in the background).Photo: Getty Images

As some ponder Omar Minaya’s political strategy when dealing with Mets brass today, Newsday gives it to us straight. Minaya didn’t give Randolph a full vote of confidence in interviews with the press yesterday, but the paper reports that the Mets’ epic collapse “will not cost Willie Randolph his job.” A source close to Minaya says that his decision has already been made, and that the general manager wants to keep Randolph for the rest of his two-year, $4.25 million contract. It sounds crazy, but it’s almost as if all of the sadness on the part of Randolph and the players (combined with that apology!) has worked to defuse all the fan outrage we saw over the weekend. Either that, or they just found something new to get mad about.

Source: Mets GM Minaya Won’t Fire Randolph [Newsday]

Omar Won’t Fire Willie!