Padma: When in Doubt, Suck Face With Salman

Padma Lakshmi

Photo: Getty Images

A prankster made lewd comments to Ann Curry and Matt Lauer during a media conference call between TV writers and the Today anchors. Banker Rafael Follieri, boyfriend of Anne Hathaway, flew commercial from Atlanta to New York despite supposedly owning a private jet. Padma Lakshmi was overheard telling someone she still was “still trying to work the secret to a great relationship out” hours before she made out with Salman Rushdie at Bungalow 8. (Rushdie also almost fell asleep during a play at the Guggenheim on Saturday.) Ivanka Trump couldn’t get into East Village dive Black and White because she didn’t have an I.D. The smoking hot ex–First Lady of France, Cecilia Sarkozy, is coming to visit New York with her kid.

Bill O’Reilly sent staffers to a Rosie O’Donnell book signing to harass her about her views on 9/11. Details editor Dan Peres apologized for a story in which his pal Ben Affleck was “misquoted.” Barack Obama supposedly turned down Brad Pitt’s request to stump for him because he didn’t want to appear “too Hollywood.” Madonna and Tupac dated and almost had a child, but he dumped her. Brody Jenner’s mom RSVPs to parties for him. Rachel Zoe is taking flak for demanding that designers who want her clients to wear their clothes give her exclusive rights to them. David Cronenberg is still pissed at Paul Haggis for naming his Oscar winner Crash. Lindsay Lohan sold her condo in West Hollywood. Lynne Spears’s memoir is set to come out next Mother’s Day. Bob Woodruff and Conan O’Brien visited soldiers who had suffered brain injuries at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Joaquin Phoenix took offense to Eva Mendes’s claim that working with him on We Own the Night was like working with a “puppy dog or a 2-year-old.” Paramount head Brad Grey told Liz Smith that J.J. Abrams’s much-hyped Cloverfield is a “classic monster movie.” Lance Bass and Narciso Rodriguez went on the prowl for boys in Miami.

Padma: When in Doubt, Suck Face With Salman