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‘Preppy Killer’ Arrest: A Time to Meditate

Robert Chambers

Photo: Charles Eckert / Polaris

Today’s coverage of Robert “the Preppy Killer” Chambers’s drug bust came with several moral lessons — courtesy of the cops and neighbors who helped bring Chambers down. For your edification, some pearls of wisdom:

• With enough cocaine, one can “levitate to Central Park.” —A police source
• Drug dealers “are like vampires. They only come out at night.” —An anonymous neighbor
• With crack, women take a harder whack. “He’s still a handsome guy. You know, tall, blue eyes. But [also accused girlfriend Shawn Kovell] is a different thing. She was beautiful once, but now she looks about 89 and weighs about 45 pounds.” —Another anonymous neighbor
• People never learn. “The guy had a second chance and he blew it. He’s like OJ.” —An anonymous building employee
• “Three strikes, you’re out.” —Ellen Levin, mother of Jennifer Levin, the girl Chambers killed in 1986

Tabloid sources. The Zen masters of our time.

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‘Preppy Killer’ Arrest: A Time to Meditate