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Rooting for the Red Sox: Rudy’s Ultimate Betrayal

Fucking Rudy

Yeah, laugh it up, bitch. You’re dead to us.Photo: Getty Images

Remember when Hillary Clinton made headlines by saying she’d “have to alternate sides” if the Cubs (her real home team) and the Yankees (her adopted one) faced off in the World Series? “SHE’S FLIP-FLOPPING!” cried conservative pundits, cackling wickedly. Except, as Clinton herself pointed out, such a matchup was completely unlikely and didn’t actually pan out in reality. But Rudy Giuliani today flip-flopped on team loyalty for absolutely no reason. He told a crowd in Boston this afternoon that he is “rooting for the Red Sox” in the World Series. His wafer-thin logic is that he always roots for the American League. Um, WHAT? Why don’t you eat our American League assholes, Rudy? No real Yankee fan would ever root for their bitter rival, not even in the most extreme circumstances. This makes us question everything about Rudy and what he says he stands for. Sure, people may change their position about abortion and gun control all the time. But on team loyalty? That just goes too far.

Yankee Fan Giuliani Backing Red Sox [NYT]

Rooting for the Red Sox: Rudy’s Ultimate Betrayal