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Rudy and Hillary: They’re Quotable, But Are They Votable?

Hillary and Rudy

Laughing all the way to the primaries.Photo: Getty Images

Call it anti-collusion: Republicans love to pretend they’re scared of Hillary Clinton because they secretly think she’s unelectable; Democrats are aping that strategy with Rudy Giuliani because they not-so-secretly think he is unelectable. As a result, both candidates are marching steadily toward their respective nominations. However, one candidate has been rocking their front-runner status with a touch more panache.

• “I’m not running against my Republican opponents. I’m running against the Democrats.” (To AP)

• “If you want to defeat Hillary Clinton, I would be the best person to do that.” (To Daily Telegraph)

• “I honestly think I have the best chance of defeating Hillary Clinton. I am the only Republican candidate that can defeat Hillary Clinton.” (To Michigan GOP)

• “I’m probably one of the four or five best known Americans in the world” (To USA Today)

Of course, there’s a reason why Clinton is not going around proclaiming to be the only Democratic candidate capable of destroying Giuliani. Probably because that job can be accomplished by a wet mop, provided it’s armed with a decent health plan, Bernie Kerik’s phone number, and a photo of Rudy in drag. —Michael Idov

Giuliani Argues He Can Beat Hillary [AP]

Rudy and Hillary: They’re Quotable, But Are They Votable?