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Canoodling on the Campaign Trail


Even doves have pride … or do they?Photo:Getty Images, iStockphoto

Rudy Giuliani and Judi were doing more of their Honeymooners shtick yesterday up in Nashua, New Hampshire, where Rudy was stumping. The Daily News says Judi was “a constant by his side,” by which they clearly meant “was a constant pain in his tuchis.” The key moment came when someone asked the mayor if the much-maligned phone call he took from Wifey #3 during his speech to the NRA a few weeks ago was staged.

Judith and I…” started Giuliani.

Can I take that?” interjected Judi.

Hm. We’re no body-language expert, but we’d say that the Shoulder Squeeze is up there with the Back Pat During a Hug on the Relationship-Dissolution Scale.

Rudy Giuliani Dodges Cell Questions, Dishes Heat on Hilary[NYDN]

Canoodling on the Campaign Trail