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Rudy Can’t Get to First Base With Yankees Fans

Rudy Giuliani

Hey, that cap’s looking a little snug.Photo: Getty Images

Are Rudy Giuliani’s fellow Yankees fans revolting against him? Rudes has always been the team’s No. 1 fan (in fact, Salon recently noted that in 2001 he spent more time at Yankees games than he did at ground zero), and the sight of him glad-handing his fellow fanatics, in a gratuitously emblazoned Yankees cap and jacket, has become familiar. But on Monday night, when his face appeared on the Jumbotron at Yankee Stadium during the seventh inning, “there was no mistaking what happened,” Keith Olbermann said on the Countdown last night. “He was briefly but lustily booed. No cheers or applause at all. Kind of uncouth, during ‘God Bless America,’ but perhaps very telling.” Indeed! If Rudy’s losing baseball fans, could that mean he’s losing … his base?

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Rudy Can’t Get to First Base With Yankees Fans