Sarah Silverman: ‘Don’t Call Me a Rivers’

Sarah Silverman

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John Updike says he moved from New York to New England to get away from the “ego-eroding literary hustle” of the city. Glamour editor Cindi Leive had a rare blowup over racially insensitive comments fashion editor Ashley Baker made while speaking to a group of African-American lawyers. Sarah Silverman confessed to Howard Stern that she got extremely upset after being mistaken for Melissa Rivers. Jimmy Fallon and Rangers teammates Sean Avery and Brendan Shanahan ate at the Waverly Inn after their season opener. Martina Navratilova and Jeffrey Lyons may or may not have left Kenjo together on West 57th Street.

Cablevision honcho Charles Dolan is not exactly pleased with how son James is running MSG and is planning a “major shakeup.” Sean Combs says he’s committed to taking care of the daughter he had with Atlanta mistress Sarah Chapman. The FBI seized the photos and laptop of the man who claimed to be selling nude photos of an underage Kim Kardashian and her sister. Christopher Hitchens got a male Brazilian wax as part of story he’s writing for Vanity Fair on self-improvement. Pharrell asked for Kerry Washington’s phone number at the VH-1 Hip Hop Honors and got it. Charlie Sheen has promised to get rid of his thirteen tattoos because fiancée Brooke Mueller hates them. Mary-Kate Olsen got a standing ovation from bystanders in a club in Paris after making out with a guy. A new book out says that Arthur Conan Doyle refrained from killing off Sherlock Holmes because his mother told him not to. Alison Jackson’s new book of photography depicts what celebrities may be doing behind closed doors (Brad Pitt shaving Angelina Jolie’s legs!). Sir Ben Kingsley recently got married (his fourth time down the aisle) to a Brazilian actress half his age.

Sarah Silverman: ‘Don’t Call Me a Rivers’