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Surprising No One, Rupert Murdoch Says Death of ‘Times’ Would Be ‘Nice’

• Rupert Murdoch minces words: “When asked whether he was aiming to kill the New York Times, Mr. Murdoch replied simply: ‘That would be nice.’” Meanwhile, isn’t this a fun graphic in Murdoch’s Post? [Guardian]
• Murdoch may get a little help thanks to Morgan Stanley, who sold off their entire 7 percent stake in the Times. But one analyst says Morgan Stanley is the real loser, since the firm completely failed to change the Times’ structure and took a big hit on the sale. [NYP, NYO]
n+1 continues its campaign to corrupt young minds, slipping pamphlets under the doors of unsuspecting Columbia freshmen. [NYS]

• Hedge-fund manager by day, rock star by night. Today’s “Rocktoberfest” fund-raiser provides a finance alternative to CMJ, featuring such big-name acts as JAM Partners, StoneHedge, and Aged Inventory. [IDD via DealBook/NYT]
• Tom Gores, the private-equity billionaire and founder of Platinum Equity Partners, insists Lindsay Lohan is totally not staying holed up in his “guest house.” Doth he protest a little too much? [Deal Journal/WSJ]
• Three hundred more jobs down the tubs at Morgan Stanley. [NYP]

• The Milberg Weiss scandal hasn’t stopped Democratic candidates from taking big checks from the indicted lawyers. Also, check out why Bill Lerach is weathering the storm so much better than his old bud Mel Weiss. [NYT, Recorder]
Law & Order did a little filming at the New York office of Kirkland & Ellis. [Above the Law]
• Former Ohrenstein & Brown partners (an insurance defense firm located in the Twin Towers) continue to squabble over 9/11 insurance payouts. [New York Law Journal]

• Donatella is looking for a young designer to take over the Versace brand. Reality show, please! [British Vogue]
• New York & Co. is going to shutter its 23-unit JasmineSola brand by the end of the year. [WWD]
• Apparently spring fashion is not only very floral, but also deeply philosophical. Cathy Horn explains that the bold cuts have the “wearer is asserting herself beyond her physical space.” [NYT]

Surprising No One, Rupert Murdoch Says Death of ‘Times’ Would Be ‘Nice’