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Rudy Makes Unfortunate Blunder

Ill Fortune

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The Boston Globe’s Political Intelligence blog reports the newest Rudy Giuliani campaign faux pas: Apparently the Republican presidential front-runner did a hawkish riff on China in front of the wrong audience.

While praising Reagan’s blunt description of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire,” Giuliani went out of his way to note that “Communist China” deserved the same epithet. The man who was sitting immediately to Giuliani’s left as he said this — Sheldon Adelson … this summer opened two casinos in Macau.

What the Globe doesn’t point out is that, funnily enough, Giuliani’s own firm, Giuliani Security & Safety Asia — a part of the ultralucrative constellation of anti-terror consultancies the man amassed after 9/11 — is itself gearing up to do major business with the Evil Empire. Check out their Website, which proudly proclaims that GSSA is “preparing to introduce its comprehensive security and safety consulting services to South Korea and China.” Now that will be one awkward board meeting.

Know Your Audience, Giuliani Learns [Political Intelligence/Boston Globe]
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Rudy Makes Unfortunate Blunder