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The Devil Wears Giant Flowers

Patricia Field and Meryl Streep

Patricia Field better be careful or Meryl is going to thump her with her Oscar.Photo: Getty Images

Oh, no, she didn’t! While talking about her costume designs for The Devil Wears Prada this past weekend at the New Yorker Festival, Patricia Field committed the ultimate woman-on-woman crime: “No way I was going to apply Anna Wintour’s look to Meryl Streep; it would have been a mess,” she told the audience, then explained why: “Meryl Streep is a German, big-boned, different woman.” Oh, dear. In lady-speak, calling someone big-boned is like calling someone Rubenesque, or curvy, or basically, an outright lardass. Patricia better send Meryl some chocolates — no, flowers! — right away.

Redesigning the Crowd [WWD]

The Devil Wears Giant Flowers