The ‘Observer’ Has a Crush on Ivanka

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Jared and Ivanka sitting in a tree.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Is the Observer turning into a big, pink Valentine to owner Jared Kusher’s girlfriend? For the second week in a row, Ivanka’s creamy bosom heaved at the lower right-hand corner of our screen this morning. It was a photo from her jewelry launch at the Carlton back on September, part of a slideshow of images that follows readers around the site. And the Trumps are literally in the paper every week — just last week, there was a gentle interview with the whole fam: “Does it bother you being on billboards, Ivanka?”

But Daddy did most of the talking. Ivanka “was a very successful model before she dropped that and went to Wharton … obviously, she’s very pretty.” Isn’t she? Check that picture in the corner again. Yes. And is the paper also being extra-kind to dear old dad? Maybe. Not only did they nod to “a polished, mini-skirted Ivanka” in their coverage of the protest at Trump’s Soho Condo-Hotel last week, they gave the old man the last guffaw: “Thanks to the protesters outside for helping to make this job so successful,” Trump told reporter Tom Acitelli, who from the number of bylines he has devoted to the man is on his way to becoming Trump’s Boswell. “We’ve already gotten more than 3,200 applications.” Heh, heh. Now, we have nothing against Ivanka — we actually found her kind of endearing in Born Rich, and it’s not like we think the paper needs to, like, recuse itself from featuring her or whatever. But isn’t it a little unseemly for them to do so much, well, vanking?

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CORRECTION: Trump actually said that thing about the protesters to Observer reporter Adelle Waldman.

The ‘Observer’ Has a Crush on Ivanka