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Tony Blair Sells Out Rupert Murdoch

• Tony Blair sold his memoir for $9 million to Knopf, something of a surprise since Blair has long been tight with Murdoch, known for offering advances so big they resemble campaign donations through HarperCollins. [Media Mob/NYO]
• A democratic member of the FCC requested an investigation of Murdoch’s Dow Jones deal, arguing the merger consolidates too many powerful outlets in one less than trustworthy hand. [B&C]
• Bloggingheads, everyone’s favorite lo-fi insider-y political fight club, reached a content-sharing agreement with the Times. [HuffPo]

• A senior SEC official claims insider trading is “rampant” among Wall Street pros, and the agency plans to establish a new task group to take it on. [NYP]
• Best Wall Street Halloween costume idea: slutty Warren Buffett. [DealBreaker]
• The credit crisis is cooling European economies. Does this mean we can finally afford to travel there again? [NYT]

• After ten months of successive scandals, Sullivan & Cromwell finally settled with Aaron Charney on the gay former associate’s charges of sexual harassment. Terms remain undisclosed, and we’ll have to wait and see whether Charney can return to a life of regular lawyering. [New York Law Journal]
• Associate salaries to $175,000? Despite the credit crunch, one recruiter thinks raises are likely. [Above the Law, ABA]
• Baker & McKenzie requested and received the resignation of Martin Weisberg, a partner recently indicted in a $55 million stock-fraud scheme. [New York Law Journal]

• Prepare for an eyeful at the Marc by Marc store this weekend. Staffers are baring it all — nearly — and signing tees, all for a good cause. [WWD]
• Gisele is starring in Disney’s ads as Wendy from Peter Pan. Lest you think she’s desperate, the ads were shot by Annie Leibovitz. [Fashionista]
• Tommy Hilfiger is selling his sportswear exclusively at Macy’s. Okay, it’s a big deal, but we still don’t care that much. [NYT]

Tony Blair Sells Out Rupert Murdoch