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WABC Thinks Imus Was Punished Too Severely

Don Imus

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That crazy Matt Drudge is saying that Don Imus will return to radio soon. “We’ll have him on a standard 40-second delay,” said a studio source at WABC, where Drudge claims Imus will begun jockeying once again. “Don is rested, humbled, and ready for war!” Wow, whose idea was that? We’re betting Citadel Broadcasting CEO Farid Suleman was the brains behind it. “I think if Don was available, we would be very happy to see what we could do,” Suleman told New York’s Robert Kolker way back in August. “What he did was wrong. But the consequences of what he did seemed out of proportion.” Well! This is sure to offend some people. What will he say next? We’re sure pretty much everyone will be listening with glee, just waiting for his next gaffe. Which is, you know, exactly what Suleman wants.

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WABC Thinks Imus Was Punished Too Severely