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White House Blogs Mysteriously Disappear


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Today’s Times ponders the already-tired phenomenon of top government officials “blogging”: Homeland Security czar Michael Chertoff has a blog, as does Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt (who started his “in August, having enjoyed reading a pandemic flu blog that his department began this year”). Will their posts provide an inside look into the administration’s workings? Will they betray the authors’ subtle deviations from the party line? Is Chertoff the private man less churlish than Chertoff the public servant? (No, no, and hell no: Chertoff uses his blog primarily to rag on Times editorials, which, one is tempted to imagine, is how the Gray Lady staffers found it to begin with.) Well, at least they’re excited about all this sweet traffic coming in from the Times site, right? Nope: At this time, the provided links to both Leavitt and Chertoff blogs lead to 404 Error messages. Guess we’ll never know what Chertoff’s take on Kid Rock’s arrest is.

Presidential Cabinet Members Start Blogs [NYT]
Update: We are officially conspiracy theorists (Hooray! We’ve always aspired, but never thought we could live the dream). A helpful reader points out that the Times just had the wrong links. Here are the right ones for Leavitt and Chertoff.

White House Blogs Mysteriously Disappear