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Who Had Sex With Alan Cumming?

Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming has the best name ever. Photo: Getty Images

Alan Cumming entertained the crowd at Condé Nast Traveler’s twentieth-anniversary party last week with a story about how he once missed a flight from New York to London after an interview because, “Dammit, I had sex with the journalist in my hotel room.” “No further details were given,” said WWD’s “Memo Pad,” “but let the guessing games begin.” Well, alright then! Who did it with Alan Cumming, in a hotel room, possibly in a kilt?

A. Adam Higginbotham, the Observer, 2003: “You’re into your cock, aren’t you?” Cumming asks the journalist.

B. Peter Ross, the Sunday Herald (Australia): Loving 4,000-word profile begins with this disclaimer: “Before we go any further, we should get one thing out in the open. I like Alan Cumming. I like him. 

C. Patrick Pacheco, Newsday: 1999 profile lingers over the actor’s physical description: “Cumming himself is rather a bit more subdued presence during a recent morning interview, begging a publicist to get him a cup of coffee and a banana as he sits in a posh hotel suite. His willowy frame is dressed in jeans and a striped sweater, bright green clogs at one end, his short-cropped dark hair glowing with blond tints at the other.”

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Who Had Sex With Alan Cumming?