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Who’s the Real Heir to Sandy Weill?

• Citigroup’s Chuck Prince and Chase’s Jamie Dimon are battling it out to see who’s the real heir to Sandy Weill. With Citi crashing and Chase eking out a gain despite the credit crunch, it looks like Dimon, long prodigal, may be the true son. [Deal Journal/WSJ]
• Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson warned that we may see as many as one million home foreclosures before the end of the year. [NYT]
• Want to be a hedger and a do-gooder, work a trading floor and enjoy the peace of mind of a nonprofit? Join the World Bank like former Goldman exec Robert Zoellick, and you can manage $55 billion in assets. [NYT]

• Bill Keller to Rupert Murdoch: “Taking on the Times is not as easy as waving a credit card and proclaiming yourself ‘fair and balanced.’” Also, the Times has held off on hiring to keep spaces for potential Journal exiles, but few have bitten. And considering Murdoch’s credit line — “What if, at the Journal, we spent $100 million a year hiring all the best business journalists in the world?” — Keller may have a few more holes in his lineup soon. [NYO]
• Les Moonves signed a new contract as chief executive of CBS, tying his pay largely to the performance of the company’s stock. [NYT]
• Priscilla Painton, a deputy managing editor at Time known for rolling her eyes at editorial meetings, decided to walk away after twenty years with the magazine and try to “reinvent herself.” Entire media community rolls eyes. [NYP]

• The Upper East Side woman who filed a $400,000 lawsuit against her wedding florist over pastel hydrangeas is, no surprise, a litigator at Kelley Drye. What’s more, her New York attorney registration is delinquent. [Above the Law]
• Some law firms are adopting “no jerks” hiring policies. Doo-doo heads still accepted. [Daily Business Review]
• Hofstra Law School was remarkably polite as they listened to a lawyer disbarred for helping terrorists hold forth on legal ethics. [NYT]

• Is Posh the new face of Marc Jacobs? Will Becks be in the ads? Oh bruv, say it ain’t so. [WWD]
• Anya Hindmarch is the latest victim of the theft spree in London. The only clue drawn from the robbery is that the culprit must have outdated taste in bags. [British Vogue]
• Despite the infamous two-hour delay, Cathy Horyn declared Marc Jacobs the collection of the season. Now will you stay in New York, Marc? [NYT]

Who’s the Real Heir to Sandy Weill?