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Will Dick Parsons Pull a Bloomberg?

• Rumor has it that Richard Parson’s will announce his departure at Time Warner as early as this week. Jeff Bewkes, longtime No. 2, is set to take over as CEO. Does this mean a Parsons run for mayor? [Times of London]
Radar cooked up a clever quiz: Fox News anchor or porn star? You decide. Wait, no, Murdoch decides. [Radar]
• Jim Cramer matched Rupert Murdoch’s legendary subtlety: “We have a competitor now in Fox and it is really important to destroy and mutilate them.” [Broadcasting & Cable]

• With NASDAQ and other all-electronic services swiftly outpacing the NYSE’s hybrid system, the days of human trading floors are looking more and more numbered. [NYP]
• Richard Fuld, Lehman Brother’s bellicose leader, admitted he may lean a little too heavily on the military metaphors: “Every day is a battle, and ‘war,’ well, ‘war’ connotes that we are trying to kill our enemies. That’s not the view that I want them to have.” After all, you never want your enemies to know when you’re about to destroy them. [NYT]
• New York and London set aside their differences, and London officials met with Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion to try to hammer out some joint agreements. “‘London versus New York’ is often how the show is billed,” said one official, “but the real game is ‘efficiency versus economic drag.’” Somehow that just doesn’t have the same ring. [MSNBC]

• Brokeback Law Firm, part deux? Aaron Charney may have settled with Sullivan & Cromwell, but his old friend Gera Grinberg, caught midway between loyalty to the firm and to his friend, may keep the scandal going with a new suit. [Above the Law]
• New study: White men rule in big law. Or at least they do at most firms — clearly Gottlieb coming in tops in New York with an amazing A- in diversity. [NYT]
• The Wall Street credit crunch isn’t all lawyers turning lemons into lemonade. McKee Nelson and Thacher Proffitt, two firms that made big bucks bundling loans, may have to restructure to stay afloat. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• First Karl, now Yohji. The avant-garde designer will show his Y’s line in April in Beijing. [WWD]
• It’s nineties model mania: Claudia Schiffer’s shooting Chanel ads while Kate Moss is doing YSL. [Fashionista]
• Tom Ford’s duking it out with big oil. He bought the mineral rights to his New Mexico ranch to stop them from making a claim on the land. [British Vogue]

Will Dick Parsons Pull a Bloomberg?