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Anthony Marshall Accused of Greed, Bad Taste in Friends

Anthony Marshall

Anthony Marshall yesterday, outside court.Photo: AP

The charges against Anthony Marshall and his lawyer, Francis Morrissey, were revealed today, and they ain’t pretty. The accusations include the following:

• They tricked Marshall’s mother, Brooke Astor, into thinking that she was broke and needed to sell her favorite painting so Marshall could get a $2 million commission.
• They conspired to increase Marshall’s salary (without Astor’s knowledge) from $450,000 a year to $1.4 million a year, and used much of that money to buy himself a second yacht.
• Marshall used his mother’s money to hire a captain for the yacht at $52,000 a year.

• They hired a “social secretary” for their joint theatrical company on Astor’s dime.
• Morrissey forged or helped forge Mrs. Astor’s signature on at least one codicil to her will.
• Marshall outright stole two expensive artworks from his mother, which were later returned.
• Marshall also helped himself to $600,000 of Astor’s money to pay for the upkeep of her former Maine estate, Cove End, which he had given to his wife, Charlene.
• Marshall gave himself $1 million in securities from Astor’s portfolio in 2003 and failed to report the gift on tax returns.

There are eighteen charges against Marshall in total. We hate to be like Andrea Peyser on this one, but holy hell. This is America; don’t the rich get richer without stealing?

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Anthony Marshall Accused of Greed, Bad Taste in Friends