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Alan Cumming’s Holiday Travel Tips

Alan Cumming

The Cumming cannot be tamed.Photo: Getty Images

Alan Cumming is such an, um, Man About Town, we almost totally forgot he was married! He got hitched to his artist boyfriend, Grant Shaffer, in January in London. “We got married there because it’s legal, but we live here,” he told us at the International Emmy Awards gala on Monday. They’re very happy. “We had our first cooking lesson in our home the other night,” he said. “This man called John came around and taught us how to make salmon with beets coulis and everything.” But don’t be lulled by the warm homey stories. Cumming is still not an entirely domesticated beast. Five minutes later, he was telling us all about his mile-high experiences. Yes, there’s been more than one. “I always think the pressure on planes gives you a hard-on,” he mused. “My friend I was just working with said that when he goes to sleep, he always puts the table out in case he gets a hard-on whilst he’s asleep. That’s a very good tip for your readers if they want to avoid embarrassment on a plane.” And just in time for the holiday season! —Bennett Marcus

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Alan Cumming’s Holiday Travel Tips