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Ryan Gosling and Co-star Bianca Heat Up

Ryan Gosling

Also, we read in Us Weekly this week that Ryan
was in the Mickey Mouse Club with Britney. Weird.Photo: Getty Images

Last time we ran into smoking hot (even while tubby!) Ryan Gosling, he told us that he’d been living with his Lars and the Real Girl co-star, Bianca, the blow-up sex doll. So, where was Bianca tonight? “She’s at home, reading a book by the window,” he told us when we ran into him on a cigarette break from a post-screening dinner at the Plaza Athénée. As he spoke, he rested his hand gently on our back. Well, well! Maybe things aren’t so happy at home after all! We smiled adoringly at him. But leave it to Peggy Siegal to ruin our moment. “He’s taking her to St. Barts with him,” she interjected. “Do you know how much that doll costs? $10,000!” Gosling shushed his publicist. “Don’t put a price on her,” he said, removing his hand. Damn. So, does Ryan ever feel as shy as his character in the movie? “I feel pretty shy right now,” he said, very un-shyly. So, uh, what does a real girl … like, a human one, have to do to try to steal his inanimate lover’s place? “That would be implying that she is inanimate,” Gosling warned sternly. Then he softened. “It’s a very special relationship, but they’re welcome to try.” Victory! So should we — uh, they — stay, you know, pretty still? “I think at this point I could use the conversation. She’s not the best conversationalist.” —Amy Preiser

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Ryan Gosling and Co-star Bianca Heat Up