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Ashley Olsen: Best Show-and-Tell Ever

Show and Tell

Photo Illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images (schoolgirl), WireImage (Ashley)

When most kids bring something in for Show-and-Tell, it’s something from their home. A pet, perhaps, or a rock collection. Something that’s in their house and part of their regular life, that other people might not know about. Also, usually it’s small and portable. So it’s no surprise that when it came to 6-year-old little Isabella (daughter of Lance) Armstrong’s turn to do Show-and-Tell, she decided to bring in Ashley Olsen. Radar reports that the little girl toted in daddy’s new special friend. “Celebrities do this all the time,” Radar’s spy explained — and it’s true! Lance himself was once a Show-and-Tell item for his ex-girlfriend Tory Burch’s young son in New York. Now, to be completely fair, according to Radar, the story might not be completely accurate. It may have been Isabella’s twin sister Grace who brought in the former Full House star. (Wait. They’re twins, and the Olsens are twins. Showtime synergy!). Since Radar doesn’t provide much more information, we’ve imagined what little Isabella’s introduction would be like.

Isabella Armstrong: “Hi everybody! Today for Show-and-Tell I brought in Ashley Olsen. She’s, um, very famous and on TV … I like TV … She’s in movies like When in Rome and New York Minute. She makes pencils and stickers and fun things for school. Now Ashley Olsen also makes clothes … She’s very beautiful. I like Ashley Olsen … I like how she wears big comfy clothes … I think that’s it … Oh, yeah, and um … I would be remiss if I didn’t comment upon the fact that she is exactly equidistant in age between my father and myself, which I’m having a difficult time reconciling with the fact that the two of them are fucking … And she has pretty hair.”

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Ashley Olsen: Best Show-and-Tell Ever