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Barbara Walters Wants to Be Your Friend!

Barbara Walters

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Barbara Walters included MySpace founders Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe on her Most Fascinating People of 2007 list, but she isn’t having so much luck with the site herself. Her View co-producer Bill Geddie checked out her profile today during her Sirius radio show and was aghast at what he saw. “You only have the two [MySpace] guys as friends. Chris and Tom!” he announced.

Barbara: Nobody else wanted to be my friend? … Nobody I went to high school with? … Nobody wanted to get in touch with me?

Bill: “If you’re out there on MySpace, become a friend with Barbara Walters because it’s so depressing to look at this — really — just go on, say you love her or something, I watch The View all the time — something like that.”

Well, Baba, we’ll tell you. It’s possible that potential friends have to veer away from her page after being assaulted by the Ethel Merman soundtrack. Or they’re sidetracked by this guy. But most likely, like everyone else, they’ve migrated to Facebook. But don’t be sad. There’s still time to revise that list!

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Barbara Walters Wants to Be Your Friend!