Benicio Del Toro Helps Out a Gay Meth Addict

Benicio Del Toro

Photo: Getty Images

Former New York Stock Exchange chairman Dick Grasso may or may not have had an affair and fathered a love child. Steven Spielberg ate at the Waverley Inn with his family and a whole lot of other famous folks. Denise Rich sang a Rolling Stones song to an audience that included Donald Trump Jr. and Ivana Trump at new venue Espace. Benicio del Toro appeared at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center as a sponsor for a meth-addict friend. One of Howard Stern’s sidekicks filmed a porno inside Stern’s studio with Ron Jeremy. Jay-Z may be “scrambling” because the lead single from his American Gangster album is not doing well.

Star Jones allegedly took a $17,000 deposit to speak to a bunch of overweight teenage girls at Detroit nonprofit Full and Fabulous and then never showed up. Stella McCartney is selling a single-leg pendant because she hates Heather Mills. Lorraine Braco said that eventually actors will strike because they’re not getting paid residuals, either. Brandon Davis couldn’t find anyone to stake him after he lost $80,000 at the craps table in Atlantic City. Robert Iler actually won $10,000 playing craps in Puerto Rico. Two tickets to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in L.A. and the chance to meet Steve Carell on the set of The Office are among the prizes to be raffled off at Joan’s Legacy Strolling Supper charity event. Liz Smith says that Tom Cruise cries in the upcoming Lions for Lambs. Russell Crowe wants to get baptized. Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connolly signed copies of the new Entourage book at the HBO store on Sixth Avenue.

Benicio Del Toro Helps Out a Gay Meth Addict