Brooke Astor’s Dogs Were in Danger!


Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Not only did Brooke Astor’s son, Anthony Marshall, allegedly steal $132 million from his mom’s estate, but he also wanted to kill her dogs. The latest issue of Vanity Fair chronicles Governor Spitzer’s “troubling, tantrum-filled” first year in office. A week after her kidney infection, Mary-Kate Olsen is back to partying around town. Tony Bennett is giving a “special performance” on behalf of Hillary Clinton in New Jersey in December. Jenna Jameson and Richie Rich are opening a bar together in Chinatown. Chelsea Clinton ate at Veritas with a “very handsome, dark, Indian male companion.” David Mamet is a fan of the New York Post.

In other non-shocking news, MTV’s allegedly bisexual dating-show hostess Tila Tequila is actually straight (and has a boyfriend). The IFC Center is hosting a massive group wedding ceremony on the behalf of the play Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding, which is slated to become a movie. Christian Louboutin has custom-designed a pair of shoes for Suri Cruise. Julia Roberts is a big fan of Paul Rudd. Drea de Matteo gave birth to a daughter named Alabama. Madonna has come under fire from animal activists for dying sheep on her property different colors for a Vogue Living photo shoot. Jennifer Garner based an annoying yuppie character she plays in an upcoming movie on a relative, but she didn’t tell her. Only click here if you want a Sex and the City spoiler! Paul McCartney has given lingerie and a bottle of perfume to every girl he’s dated, including current flame Roseanne Arquette. Leonardo DiCaprio is going to attend the Marrakesh Film Festival. Arnold Schwarznegger wants George Clooney to take over his gubernatorial post in 2010.

Brooke Astor’s Dogs Were in Danger!