Catherine Z-J Gets the ‘No Way’ From Rob Marshall


Photo: Getty Images

Catherine Zeta-Jones won’t star in the movie adaptation of Broadway musical Nine because the director wouldn’t beef up her role. Eight staffers have left CBSThe Early Show because they can’t stand working with hotheaded senior exec producer Shelley Ross. Paris Hilton thinks the guys in New York are “so much better” than the ones in L.A. Since divorcing his wife, George Soros has been hanging out with young girls in their twenties at his home in Southampton. Sportscaster Ahmad Rashad and ex-socialite (and ex-wife of Jets owner Woody Johnson) Sale Johnson may be getting married today. Anna Wintour controlled the seating arrangements at the $50,000-a-table 7th on Sale event at the Lexington Armory. (Speaking of Anna, Tim Burton says that Johnny Depp based the haircut of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on hers.)

Sharon Stone dined with a “young hot model-type guy” at the Waverly Inn. Heidi Fleiss may have introduced Steve Bing to a hot chick with a “good ass” at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Eva Longoria pissed off the staff at the Chateau Marmont by bringing more chairs to Posh Spice’s table in the dining room. Serena Williams and Common are now dating. Leona Helmsley’s 28-room Greenwich estate is expected to fetch a record price when it goes on sale. New York Ranger Sean Avery got together with ex-flame Elisha Cuthbert on Saturday. Timbaland is about to becoming a father, though he’s not dating the mother. Ethan Hawke almost got run over while texting on his phone.

Catherine Z-J Gets the ‘No Way’ From Rob Marshall