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Cindy Adams Pirro-uettes Over Pals’ Marriage Woes


The Pirros in 2000.Photo: Corbis

Hey everybody! Have a nice weekend? Get some rest? Watch a football game? Good for you. Unfortunately, not all of us had such a great time. Jeanine and Al Pirro let slip that they are getting a divorce. You remember Al and Jeanine — he was the guy who sabotaged his wife’s political ambitions by earning a tax-evasion conviction and fathering a love child, and she was the one who was caught on tape asking Bernie Kerik to bug her husband’s yacht to catch him philandering? Hm. Maybe it wasn’t so much that the pair had a bad weekend — more like they’ve had a bad decade or so. Former Westchester D.A. Jeanine failed in her runs for U.S. senator, lieutenant governor, and state attorney general, and real-estate broker Al spent over a year in the clink, starting in 2000. It looks like their divorce has already been hashed out so at least this part might run smoothly, though All-Purpose Divorce Spokesman Raoul Felder claims “it’s mutually assured destruction” (Felder, of course, represents neither party). It’s times like these, when tabloid superstars hit rock bottom, that we turn to the one name we can trust: Cindy Adams. What does Lady C, who was pals with both parties, have to say about the Pirros’ great love?

Over years the forces of nature work erosion even on the toughest rocks. Al and Jeanine met in school. At their first hello, he told her he’d marry her. Smart, cocky Al built a big-time business. And built her. And what he built took over the building. His protégé Jeanine became a big-time name. Bigger than her builder. And that which made Al Pirro tick suddenly created too loud a noise. His financial doings kicked up too much dust. And there were his extramarital gambits. Not for me to say, but I’m saying it anyway. It wasn’t love for any other woman. He adored Jeanine. He just needed to be The Man again. Top Dog Again.

As usual we’re having a little trouble parsing what’s meant to be said here. But what we think she’s saying, is, “men who are married to strong women are forced to cheat.” And also, “built, built, building, builder, bonkers.”

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Cindy Adams Pirro-uettes Over Pals’ Marriage Woes