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Cop-Union Honcho Takes a Bite Out Of Giuliani


PBA head Patrick Lynch and Rudy Giuliani are hair
opposites.Photo: Getty Images

Giuliani must have known this day was coming. The New York City policemen’s union, the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association, has publicly turned against his candidacy. According to the Post, in another blow to Giuliani’s NYC credibility, PBA honcho Patrick Lynch said his group “could never support Rudy Giuliani for any elected office.” Lynch’s beef with the former mayor is over contract disputes that tarnished the end of his mayoralty. Now, never mind the fact that it’s basically Lynch’s job to gripe about cop salaries — Lynch also pretty much owes his position to Giuliani’s tightfistedness. He was elected as head of the PBA in a surprise upstart election, running in 1999 at a time of major policeman frustration with Giuliani. Still, even though it was surely expected, the presidential candidate’s camp couldn’t muster much of a stinging comeback to Lynch’s attacks. “Mayor Giuliani has always had, and continues to have, strong support from law enforcement,” said a spokeswoman, in a statement that, aside from being demonstrably untrue, is also kind of boring. His camp is probably banking on the fact that this story won’t go far outside the city limits. People here know how the cops feel about Rudy, but outside he’s still cashing in on the fact that most people probably think he actually is a cop. Just like how people outside the city think he actually is a Yankees fan.


Cop-Union Honcho Takes a Bite Out Of Giuliani