Diddy, Still Fighting After All These Years


Photo: Getty Images

Diddy and a hip-hop marketing man fought over a model at Soho club Upstairs. The publisher of Forbes and the editor of Sports Illustrated really like white truffles. Butter owners Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano were hit with a $120 million lawsuit by the developer of their new Chelsea club. Terrence Howard will make his Broadway debut in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. were congratulated at dinner at Primola because Gellar changed her last name to Prinze. At Da Tomasso, Celine Dion ordered fourteen dishes of ravioli with tomatoes and peppers.

Peg-legged Heather Mills is so mad at the media for harassing her during her divorce she’s cutting off their access to her. David Hasselhoff stormed out of a lunch in Beverly Hills with his agent. Jacob Safra, the nephew of murdered billionaire Edward Safra, got married on Saturday. Mark Cuban wants to put together a reality show starring Mario Lopez where celebs beat the crap out of one another. Bill Clinton says he was a klutz as a kid and didn’t ride a bike until he was 22. Kate Moss doesn’t like Sienna Miller and warned her not to hurt her new boyfriend, Rhys Ifans. David Gest is set to star in a musical based on his life. The mother of Angelina Jolie’s African baby daughter says the child is a product of rape. Al Roker cooks his turkey; Glenn Close does not.

Diddy, Still Fighting After All These Years