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Giuliani Goes Double or Nothing in Iowa and New Hampshire


This picture is so multipurpose. Giuliani: patriotic! Giuliani: sad! Giuliani: angry! Giuliani: commercial for Imodium AD!Photo: Getty Images

Giuliani must be seriously freaked about Iowa and New Hampshire. Just as a group called “9/11 Parents & Families of Firefighters” is preparing to pillory his terrorism record with a town-hall meeting today in Hanover, New Hampshire, the Republican candidate has launched his first direct-mail offensive that touts him as “America’s Mayor.” While he’s boasted about his 9/11 record in the past, until now he’s refrained from using his media-given nickname to get attention. But with Romney in the lead in the two key early-primary states, Giuliani is now targeting voters in both with a pamphlet explaining how he “led the largest rescue and recovery operation in US history.”

He’s probably hoping that this broad mail effort will counter the efforts of his opponents, like the 9/11 family group, on the ground — but history shows that it’s personal appearances and appeals that matter in those two states, not indirect propaganda. Giuliani’s so strongly playing the 9/11 card before the general election (where it would be better suited to trump a Democrat) reeks of desperation. If voters start hearing the catchphrase “America’s Mayor” now, it’s going to be meaningless in six months. We can’t wait to hear what issue nickname they come up with next. “America’s Prostate-Cancer Survivor”? “America’s Trophy Husband” has a nice ring to it. Or wait! “America’s Candidate With Posture Most Similar to Larry King.” That one he definitely has in the bag.

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Giuliani Goes Double or Nothing in Iowa and New Hampshire