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Grand Jury Indicts Astor’s Son


Anthony Marshall, 83, looking not a day over 75.Photo: WireImage

Anthony Marshall and his lawyer and business partner, Francis Morrissey, have been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury on charges relating to suspicious handling of the will of Brooke Astor, Marshall’s late mother. Since September, jurors and prosecutors have been hearing from witnesses scrutinizing the signature on a disputed third codicil to Astor’s will, and debating the care which Marshall provided her in her final years. Marshall declined to comment to the Times or any other papers in the matter, but he is expected to turn himself over to authorities this morning. Click below to read the only in-depth interview with Marshall and his wife, Charlene, on the subject (and an explanation of Morrissey’s controversial role), in Steve Fishman’s New York story published earlier this month.

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Update: Marshall turned himself in this morning, and it turned out the charges were fraud, forgery and grand larceny.

Grand Jury Indicts Astor’s Son