Harvey Weinstein Hasn’t Forgotten How to Fight

Harvey Weinstein

Photo: Getty Images

Harvey Weinstein either physically removed a D.J. who was acting inappropriately with a lady at his table at Rose Bar or was punched in the face by him. (He’s also getting married next month.) Denzel Washington had 30 bespoke suits made by an English tailor on East 53rd Street. Liz Smith speculates that the next Time person of the year will be the environment. Cindy Adams reports that a book on Heather Mills is in the works. The owner of Baraonda, the Italian eatery at 75th and Second, got a new lease on the space. PR guru Lara Shriftman has given into the pressure and revealed the daddy of her baby: rum heir Juan Bacardi.

A freelancer for Barack Obama’s campaign sent out an embarrassing e-mail to PR firms soliciting help from A- and B-list celebs. Actress Catherine Keener went to Hoboken to see Rain Phoenix’s band, Papercranes. Matthew McConaughey’s Brazilian girlfriend may be pregnant. Talent agencies UTA and CAA are competing to see who can give out the best food and coffee to striking writers outside their respective buildings. Palms owner Gavin Maloof threw a party for Timbaland, Barry Bonds, and others at his new 12,000-square-foot house in L.A. Cartoonist Robert Crumb is okay with the fact that women don’t like his sex drawings. Eva Mendes has developed a jewel obsession because she is playing a jewel thief for an upcoming movie. Cisco Adler and Lydia Hearst cuddled at Tao in Vegas.

Harvey Weinstein Hasn’t Forgotten How to Fight