Heath and Michelle Disorient Their Child


Photo: Getty Images

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams are creating identical bedrooms for their daughter at their respective abodes in Soho and Brooklyn. Sumner Redstone and his daughter have reconciled after a lengthy feud over money. A Detroit preacher has come to the defense of Star Jones, who was accused of skipping out of a charity event for overweight girls. Office mates John Krasinski and Rashida Jones canoodled at an SNL after-party. Brandon Davis was “surprisingly sober-esque” at the fifth-anniversary party for Butter, only falling down once. Philanthropist Loida Lewis sold her Fifth Avenue co-op for $33 million ($12 million less than the asking price).

George Clooney and Fabio (!) got into a shoving match at an L.A. restaurant because Fabio’s posse was taking pictures of Clooney and his girlfriend. Shaquille O’Neal sold his mansion to A-Rod in Miami. Mandy Moore and Matthew Perry went on a date in Beverly Hills. Friends of New York Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey beat up some guy who heckled him at a South Beach restaurant. Forty-eight-year-old Rebecca De Mornay was pulled over for a DUI. Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan split up, and Monaghan may have a new girl. Lynne Spears finally accepted responsibility for Britney’s train wreck of a career and says they are now friends. Cindy Adams says that Tom Cruise’s Lions for Lambs will not be warmly received.

Heath and Michelle Disorient Their Child