Heath Ledger Has a Supermodel in His Sights


Photo: Getty Images

Heath Ledger has been stalking Gemma Ward around town and also tried hitting on (taken) Heather Graham. The server who brought Chelsea Clinton the wrong appetizer at Irving Mill may or may not have been fired. Calvin Klein is vandalizing his Houston Street billboard for the opening of the New Museum on the Bowery. NBC honcho Jeff Zucker doesn’t want the strike to end because retail advertisers have already bought up ad space, and now production costs are zero. Kimora Lee Simmons was overheard saying that the reason she invited Russell Simmons’s new girlfriend, Porschla Coleman, to meet the “major players” at Simmons’s birthday last month is because she “wants this stupid bitch to get a clue.” Seagram heir Edgar Bronfman Jr. just bought an $18.75 million condo in the Carhart mansion on East 95th Street.

A publisher paid Massachusetts senator Ted Kennedy an $8.5 million advance for his autobiography but will likely have trouble recouping it unless Kennedy comes clean about his car accident. Britney Spears may or may not have a secret kinky sex room in her mansion in L.A., and may or may not be pregnant again. Lindsay Lohan is set to start work on her third album (tentative title: Nobody’s Angel), probably because she has no movies on her slate. (She is also apparently drinking again.) Amy Winehouse, who may have been snorting coke onstage during a recent show, canceled the rest of her tour on account of “doctor’s orders.” David Beckham totally overshadowed Vince Vaughn while the two separately dined at Nobu in London. Conrad Black, Don Imus, and Mark Zuckerberg are among the contenders for IWantMedia.com’s “Media Person of the Year.” Kim Kardashian had $50,000 in jewelry and electronics stolen from her at JFK. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was introduced to current fling Jessica Simpson by Simpson’s dad. Wyclef Jean said he didn’t get angry at Lauryn Hill for breaking up the Fugees because she needs “psychiatric help.” Adrian Grenier said he doesn’t like spending money now that Entourage has taken off. Lily Allen says she likes cuddling in bed. Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford, George Clooney, and Sarah Lawson had drinks together in L.A.

Heath Ledger Has a Supermodel in His Sights