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Heather Mills Makes Us Crazy

Heather Mills

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Was anybody else watching the Today show this morning? If so, did you find yourself wondering why the hell they let Heather Mills ramble on for ten minutes about her divorce from Paul McCartney and how the press is treating her badly? It was extremely difficult to watch (“I fell in love with a man, not a Beatle!”). Matt Lauer sat idly by as she ranted about how media coverage of her has driven her to the brink of suicide and how she’s been receiving death threats. She just wants the media to leave her alone! Which raises the obvious question: Why go on TV and make a fuss over yourself?

The only reason Mills has been in the press this month was because she recently refused Sir Paul’s offer of a $100 million divorce settlement (she didn’t like the gag order that came with it, barring her from talking about their marriage). So, essentially, she’s complaining about the press covering the fact that she wants to be covered by the press. Sound crazy? What’s even more nuts is that she pulled the same stunt in Britain earlier this week that she did on Today this morning. And she got a ton of, you guessed it, negative press about it. “No-one who watched her yesterday can now be in any doubt about the extent of her self-delusion,” wrote a Daily Mail columnist. And the Star ran the headline, “Halloween? Mucca’s far more scary!” She’s sure to get more bewildered coverage here, starting with this very post. We’re confused, we’re mad, we’re bored. Why is Today enabling her? What is she trying to achieve? And why, for the love of Pete, do we even know who this godforsaken woman is?

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Heather Mills Makes Us Crazy