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Hillary on ‘CBS Evening News’: Motherly, Terrifying

Hillary Clinton

Hillary, on CBS News.Photo: Courtesy of CBS

If you were watching CBS News last night (and we know that’s not all of you), you saw Hillary Clinton in her exclusive interview with Katie Couric. Hill had to get it out of the way before the CBS writers struck; otherwise she’d have to face the same fate that John Edwards and Michelle Obama did with The View (i.e. pulling out at the last minute and getting bitter estrogen whiplash for the rest of the race). For the interview, she decided to wear a smart black suit with turquoise earrings and a matching necklace. Mrs. Clinton looked good, we thought. And as the questions went on, we began to think that she was warm, smart, and almost motherly. Then the interview took an ugly turn.

Couric: [Warmly, almost pityingly] If it’s not you, how disappointed will you be?

Clinton: [Matter-of-factly] Well, it will be me. But of course, I’m ready to support the Democratic nominee, whoever it is.

Couric: [Still warm, definitely pitying now] I know that you’re confident it’s going to be you, but there is the possibility it won’t be and clearly you have considered that possibility.

Clinton: [With a voice like a crackling glacier] No, I haven’t.

The Huffington Post has the clip. It’s too bad. We understand the need for her to maintain her sense of inevitability in the primary, but it seemed a little demented. We love Hillary, and she was really personable until that moment, after which she suddenly turned into the kind of thing we would imagine during sex in order to delay orgasm.

Couric To Clinton: Has She Considered Not Getting The Nomination? “No, I Haven’t.” [HuffPo]

Hillary on ‘CBS Evening News’: Motherly, Terrifying