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Hillary Tries to Have It Both Ways With Rupert

• Today’s negotiations between the Hollywood writers and producers, who some say have already struck a deal, reportedly will be held in an “undisclosed location.” We always knew Cheney would come to the rescue! [HR]
• German Vanity Fair is being sued for an interview with an infamous neo-Nazi who denied the Holocaust. [Jerusalem Post via HuffPo]
• Rift in the house of Murdoch? Rupe complains that his son James can’t dumb down the news to his father’s tough standards. Meanwhile, a savvy voter in Iowa pressed Clinton on her Murdoch connections, and the senator, no surprise, tried to have it both ways. [FT via Mixed Media/Portfolio, The Caucus/NYT]

• Richard Branson, the new JP Morgan? Branson’s Virgin Group is leading the rescue of Northern Rock, a British bank brought down by the American mortgage meltdown. [DealBook/NYT]
• Warren Spector, the fired Bear Stearns exec who oversaw two exploding hedge funds, will get the chance to keep his vested options. The bank somehow valued those options at zero, but they’re really worth around $23 million. Working at Bear may suck, but it sure is great getting fired. [NYP]
• Fake Jeff Skilling finally went public with details about the infamous John Thain hogtie. [News Groper via DealBreaker]

• In case you missed it, check out the Times’ great story on associate perks. Yeah, right, you missed it — we all know the real perk of the lawyering lifestyle is working over Thanksgiving. [NYT]
• Hillary, Barack, Rudy — who got the best LSAT scores? No one’s talking! [Slate]
• Embattled class-action lawyer Bill Lerach may see a $50 million windfall thanks to the Enron settlement. Not bad for a man who just pleaded guilty in his own conspiracy suit. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Finally, a gift for the person who has everything: a Chanel bike. [WWD]
• Louis Vuitton apologized to Anthon Beeke for using his “Naked Ladies Alphabet” without his permission. Do we smell a lawsuit? [British Vogue]
• Gareth Pugh for Topshop? How quickly can they open up that store here? [Fashionista]

Hillary Tries to Have It Both Ways With Rupert