HuffPo’s New Comedy Site: Actually Comedic?


Okay, that’s funny.Photo Courtesy Images

Now, we love the Huffington Post and its fearless leader Arianna. But we’re not so sure what we think about her newest venture, the “comedy” site (It’s called 23/6 instead of 24/7, get it? Funny already!) We perused the front page and culled some of the moments from the site’s first day that made us wonder whether it is, technically, humorous…

• An article on Michael Mukasey includes a joke about waterboarding the pope. (Okay, that’s a little funny.)
• In their new feature “Dickipedia” (yes, that’s a Wikipedia knockoff for people who are Dicks), they profile Pervez Musharraf: “In the weeks since the agreement, Musharraf and Bhutto have publicly feuded and traded accusations — a relationship not unlike Britney and K-Fed, only with the added possibility [of] a nuclear holocaust.”

• Related: Here’s one of the bullets in their “News Odds column: “Pakistan’s ex-prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, makes the best of her house arrest in Islamabad by asking her inner circle over for a pulse-pounding game of Halo 3: 11-4.”
• In a pretend IM conversation between Rudy Giuliani and Pat Robertson, Robertson asks Giuliani, “Nobody to abort right now?” and accuses him of being high. Later, a mock Hillary Web page talks about abortions with safety scissors.
• In a post about Romney courting gay voters, a photo caption reads: “Attention gays: Mitt Romney wants your hair gel recommendations, not your vote.”

Funny? Not funny? Can someone help us? In their endless coverage of Pakistan, they did manage to get a “Pervez” joke in there, which is something we’ve been trying to do for years.

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HuffPo’s New Comedy Site: Actually Comedic?