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Jimmy Cayne Just Wishes Everyone Would Chill Out


Jimmy, don’t help them to bury the light! Don’t give
in without a fight.Photo: Corbis (Cayne), Getty Images (Hat), iStockphoto

Bear Stearns CEO Jimmy Cayne has sent out a company-wide e-mail, defending his conduct personally and professionally against yesterday’s Wall Street Journal profile that portrayed him as a stoner and kind of a dick (But in an awesome way.) DealBook got ahold of the e-mail: “I remain, as I have been for many years, intensely focused on our business,” Cayne wrote. “Don’t be distracted by the noise. I am certainly not.” Soon after the memo was sent, Bear Stearns employees heard strains of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You” emanating from the corner office.

To: All Employees
From: James E. Cayne
Date: November 1, 2007
Re: Wall Street Journal Article

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Jimmy Cayne Just Wishes Everyone Would Chill Out