‘Journal’ Takes Beef with Mariane Pearl Public

Mariane Pearl

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Mariane Pearl, the widow of murdered Wall Street Journal writer Daniel Pearl, and the Journal are no longer on friendly terms. Naomi Campbell told a crowd at a dinner for the Black Action Retail Group that she was done with throwing cellphones. (Her visit to Hugo Chavez also garnered praise from terrorist groups.) Former Giant Tiki Barber will attend the book party of NFL Network host Rich Eisen tonight at the Time Warner Center. Tyra Banks made out with a “gorgeous model type” at Thor in Hotel Rivington. Hilary Duff gave lap dances to a Joel Madden look-alike at Tenjune. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg ran into her aunt Lee Radziwill at City Center.

50 Cent is not retiring, despite the fact that he said he would if his record didn’t outsell Kanye West’s, which it did not. Guitarist Slash dressed like himself on Halloween, but no one believed it was him. Crispin Glover’s It Is Fine! Everything is Fine features a guy in a wheelchair having actual sex with someone else in a wheelchair. Jessica Simpson sulked in the corner as she watched ex boyfriend Adam Levine make out with his girlfriend on Halloween. President Abraham Lincoln may not have slept with a hooker because he was short $3. Gisele dropped Victoria’s Secret because they wouldn’t up her contract from $2.5 million to $5 million a year. Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father once owned the New York Daily News, is maybe looking into buying Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach pad. Beau Garrett, Patrick Dempsey’s co-star in Made of Honor, thinks Dempsey would be a Labradoodle if he was a dog. Jake Gyllenhaal wore really big glasses as a kid. A food fight broke out at the birthday party of Howard Stern’s limo driver, Ronnie Munn.

‘Journal’ Takes Beef with Mariane Pearl Public