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‘Journal’ Uncovers First Hidden Client of Giuliani Partners


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Today’s Wall Street Journal includes a well-researched story about the hush-hush client list of Giuliani Partners. So that’s what Giuliani was so tense about yesterday when reporters asked him who he’s been working with in the private sector. “All of the sudden, you are going to start jumping to conclusions about them when there are absolutely no suggestion they have done anything wrong?!” he shrieked at reporters in New Hampshire. Could it be he knew the Journal was asking questions about Giuliani Partners’ contracts with the government of Qatar, a U.S. ally that has a questionable track record in dealing with Al Qaeda? As the paper explains, that’s “a potential political pitfall for a candidate pitching himself as an uncompromising foe of Islamic terrorism.” In addition to his security firm’s government contract (which is with the state-owned Qatar Petroleum), his law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani, opened an office in Qatar’s capital, Doha, in June. So far that’s nothing too damning, but it’s certainly a visible dent in his hard line against Islamist militants. And more important, it’s sure to make Giuliani just that much shriller when he’s asked about his firm’s client lists in the future. We’re hoping we can get him up an entire octave!

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‘Journal’ Uncovers First Hidden Client of Giuliani Partners