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Judith Regan: At What Price, America?

• Jeff Bercovici wants to know: “What’s Regan’s price for selling out her country?” After all, if Regan’s info on Giuliani is that damaging, shouldn’t she divulge it in any case, no matter how much Uncle Murdoch is willing to offer? [Mixed Media/Portfolio]
• Dan Rather’s lawyers are getting fed up with CBS nondisclosure agreements. “Who do these guys think they are? The National Security Agency?” [NYO]
• Intrepid Observer reporter spends 45 minutes staring through a window just to see who showed up to a lame Times party. Now that’s journalism! [Media Mob/NYO]

• Al Gore bragged last week that he’d donate his new venture-capital salary, like his Nobel Prize, to fight global warming. But Gore plans to retain VC profits, way bigger than the typical salary and taxed at the much-maligned hedge-fund rate. So Al, what kind of green are you? [Go West/Fortune]
• Goldman Sachs announced plans to raise a $1 billion philanthropy fund, starting with a quarter-million in (strongly encouraged) donations from the bank’s 350 partners. With $18 billion already set aside for bonuses, we think they can probably afford it. Meanwhile, some Goldman employees complained that with the bank doing so well, their stock options don’t have as much profit potential. Whiners. [NYT, DealBreaker]
• Stan O’Neal and Chuck Prince, both married to blondes. Coincidence? [DealBreaker]

• Do big law’s strange “special” bonuses signal bad years ahead? [NYO]
• Bogus Harvard Law grad bilks clients. Unlike, you know, real Harvard Business School grads. [AP via]
• Angela Braly, CEO of Wellpoint and a former lawyer, headed the Journal’s list of the top 50 women to watch. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Despite critical acclaim for the Isabel Toledo–helmed line, Jones New York is shuttering Anne Klein. [Fashion Week Daily]
• London papers ran a photo of Giorgio Armani posing with Guede Rudy Hermann. Hermann has been arrested in the murder of British student Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy. [WWD]
• Diego Del Valle may have more up his sleeve for Giles Deacon than previously thought. It’s rumored that Deacon will head up Schiaparelli and Fay. [British Vogue]

Judith Regan: At What Price, America?