Kelly Klein Finally Nabs That Baby

Kelly Klein

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Gisele Bündchen showed up at the haunted house on Suffolk Street sans costume and cut the line. Hunter S. Thompson’s widow is pissed at Jann Wenner because he portrayed Hunter in his book as an “awful beast of a man” after he left Rolling Stone . Calvin Klein’s ex, Kelly, finally has a daughter, via surrogate mother. David Brooks, a.k.a. the guy who was recently busted for using company cash to fund his daughter’s $10 million bat mitzvah, also used his employees’ pension funds to pay for his son’s bar mitzvah. Hillary Clinton backed out of a Vogue photo shoot being shot by Annie Leibovitz because she felt it would be “too glamorous.” Sting and some buddies went to Scores. Bono and Damien Hirst dined at Lever House. Law & Order’s Richard Belzer had to get his driver to walk his poodle during a screening at Core Club because he wasn’t allowed to bring it in.

Recently divorced Nick Cannon is now trying to court Miss USA Rachel Smith. Britney Spears got into an argument with her custody judge over age-appropriate places to hang out with her kids. A producer for the upcoming Garden of Eden got busted “smuggling” fake bloody African elephant tusks into a game park in Kenya. Owen Wilson is now peeing with the bathroom stall open to prove to people he’s not doing anything illegal or dangerous. Character actor Luis Guzman says he’s recognized most for being the guy who killed Patrick Swayze in Ghost, even though that wasn’t him. Joel Madden is busy baby-proofing his house for the arrival of Nicole Richie’s spawn. The Hawaiian Tropic Zone in Times Square now has a cabaret license and is throwing a party this weekend spun by DJ AM. Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen had dinner together at the Waverley Inn. Brandon Davis threw a Halloween costume at a cashier because he didn’t like it. Audrina and Justin Bobby from The Hills are not dating in real life, despite being portrayed as a couple on the show. Lenny Kravitz stopped into Da Silvano for a glass of water.

Kelly Klein Finally Nabs That Baby