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Kerik Surrenders, Gives Giuliani Grief

Bernie Kerik

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Bernie Kerik surrendered this morning to federal officials after his indictment yesterday on corruption charges. And, the Daily News reports, Rudy Giuliani is already dodging questions over whether, as president, he’d pardon his old friend:

It wouldn’t be fair to ask that question at this point,” the Republican presidential hopeful said in an exclusive interview in Dubuque, Iowa, just hours before Kerik was indicted in New York.

Makes sense, sure, but that won’t fly with voters — or Democratic hecklers, who are hoping Kerik’s grime will tarnish everything Giuliani says from now on.

The former mayor’s Republican competitors are also a little gleeful, it turns out:

A senior official of another Republican campaign predicted that Giuliani’s momentum will be blunted seriously in the next week because of the media spotlight on the Kerik case.

We guess the question is, which bothers you more: one candidate hedging over whether he might help a friend if he were in a position to make a decision (which he isn’t) or another candidate hedging over whether she might help illegal immigrants if she were in a position to make a decision (which she isn’t)?

What a headache. No wonder all anybody wants to do is gossip about their spouses.

Rudy Giuliani Won’t Say if He’d Give Kerik a Pass as President [NYDN]

Kerik Surrenders, Gives Giuliani Grief