Lindsay Lohan Gives ‘Page Six’ the Chance to Use a ‘Retail Therapy’ Pun

La Lohan

Photo: FilmMagic

Lindsay Lohan spent her Thanksgiving shopping in therapy and shopping in New York with her mom and sister, while her boyfriend spent it partying. David Wright bought jewelry for his mom for Christmas. Tory Burch has been dating both Paramount head Brad Grey and Katie Couric’s ex, Tom Werner. Whoopi Goldberg, who supports Bill Richardson for president, slammed John Edwards and Michelle Obama for canceling appearances on The View. Hayne Suthon, the owner of Lucky Cheng’s, has finally made peace with ex-husband Robert Jason. Jerry Seinfeld is planning to stick to stand-up, not movies. Alec Baldwin bought the cast of 30 Rock mozzarella sticks after their show at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

On Sunday night at Duvet, the same club where a member of rapper Fabolous’s entourage was recently stabbed, a patron was smashed in the head with a bottle of Patron, though the cops were not called. Liz Lange, the maternity style maven who has dressed the likes of Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon when they were preggers, is now writing a book. Heath Ledger spent Black Friday hitting on chicks and drinking beer at the Beatrice Inn. Hulk Hogan is “devastated” that his wife, Linda, has filed for divorce, even though she’s an out-of-control shopper prone to erratic behavior. Ashley Olsen sat on the lap of an unidentified male at the Bowery Hotel before leaving with him. Rufus Wainwright loves beauty, shopping, and hookers. Peter Bacanovic, the ex-stockbroker of Martha Stewart, recited Shakespeare at his brother’s wedding. Madonna is helping promote hubby Guy Richie’s new film, Revolver, which has been panned by critics and recut. Brian Singer violated the no-fly zone at Brandon Routh’s Santa Barbara wedding by flying in via helicopter. Spice Girl Melanie Brown is having trouble on the set of Dancing With the Stars because she’s exercising too much and not eating enough carbs. Nicole Kidman testified in Australian court that she was scared of being chased by paparazzi in Sydney.

Lindsay Lohan Gives ‘Page Six’ the Chance to Use a ‘Retail Therapy’ Pun