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Lydia Hearst Still Thinks Stephen Colbert Should Run for President

Lydia Hearst

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Name: Lydia Hearst.

Job: Lydia is not just an heiress! She’s a model, a columnist for Page Six the Magazine, and designer for Puma, most recently of the “Lydia” bag. She takes these jobs very seriously but remains endearingly grateful to her great-grandfather, William Randolph Hearst, for making it so she doesn’t have to have them if she doesn’t want to.

Age: 23

Neighborhood: Columbus Circle

Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional?
William Randolph Hearst.

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in New York?
Truffle macaroni and cheese from Lure.

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job?
To tell you everything that I do would take more than one sentence. I have three full-time jobs: high-fashion modeling, writing, and designing. I am a firm believer that there are 24 useful hours in every day.

How often do you prepare your own meals?
As often as I can, but I prefer to order in.

What’s your favorite medication?
Medication? I don’t believe in taking drugs.

What’s hanging above your sofa?
A Patrick McCarthy collage of Marilyn Monroe.

How much is too much to spend on a haircut?
I rarely ever cut my hair, and if I do it generally happens on set.

When’s bedtime?
Whenever I am finished with work and am able to get some sleep. Every night is different.

Which do you prefer, the old Times Square or the new Times Square?
New Times Square.

What do you think of Donald Trump?
He has awesome hair.

What do you hate most about living in New York?
Nothing. This is my favorite city.

Who is your mortal enemy?
I don’t believe in drama and try not to have enemies.

When’s the last time you drove a car?
Last week when I was home for Thanksgiving.

Who should be the next president?
Stephen Colbert.

Times, Post, or Daily News?
I read all of them, but I’m a little biased toward the Post.

Where do you go to be alone?
My apartment.

What makes someone a New Yorker?
Someone who can embrace the culture on their own. Anyone can be a New Yorker!

Lydia Hearst Still Thinks Stephen Colbert Should Run for President