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Matt Drudge Declares London Center of All Media


Drudge tells Sky’s Anna Botting she has “flair.” Photo: Sky News

It’s just like that scary kid in The Ring. He doesn’t sleep. Matt Drudge never sleeps. “I took a break,” he tells Anna Botting, of London’s Sky News, dodging her question about whether he brings his laptop to bed. “Sometimes I find myself updating hundreds of times a day,” he says. “Hundreds of times a day. You need to be completely live, almost as if you’re animated. With text.” Animated with text! Our mind itches all of a sudden. So does Botting’s, apparently. “Does it make you twitchy?” she asks Drudge. “I’ve learned how to pace myself,” he says. “I’ve been doing this for thirteen years.” Yeah, yeah, we know. And he’s still kind of coasting on Monica. “I had to break it because other people wouldn’t.” Yeah, yeah. Where’s Drudge been, anyway? This is his first interview in four years. And why is he doing it London? “One of the reasons I’m in London is that the media here is unparalleled. It surpasses New York, it surpasses all the cities of the world. This is the media town.”

Matt Drudge Speaks to Sky [Sky]
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Matt Drudge Declares London Center of All Media