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McCartney Sex Shocker! Macca and Rosanna Arquette ‘Walk’ and ‘Gaze’


Rosanna sets her sights on Macca. Photo: WireImage, Getty Image

Just a few weeks after he was spotted gazing at and walking with New York business lady (and Barbara Walters cousin) Nancy Shevell, the Last Notable Beatle (sorry, Ringo) was spotted walking and gazing on his estate in England with none other than eighties icon Rosanna Arquette! And as everyone knows, walking and gazing is basically the older-people version of sex. This sort of messes up our image of Paul McCartney as the heartbroken romantic; maybe he’s actually kind of a man whore? Then again, it’s possible that he and Rosanna are working together — she did make that documentary about musicians a while back. And we couldn’t help but notice that he might have negged her a little bit. The News of the World reports: “At one stage the three-times-divorced actress … reached for the singer’s hand … but dad-of-four-Macca appeared not to notice her affectionate gesture.” Points for Shevell!

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McCartney Sex Shocker! Macca and Rosanna Arquette ‘Walk’ and ‘Gaze’