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Mike Bloomberg Owns, Is Annoyed by, ‘the Press’

Mayor Bloomberg

Bloomin’ arse.Photo: men.style.com

Even though they have made him a Man of the Year, Mayor Bloomberg is not super-nice in GQ’s Q&A with him. “This is a separate question you should ask me,” he tells writer Lisa DePaulo. “What’s the most annoying thing about the press?” Ooh! We know!, we said to ourselves. It’s the long hours and crappy pay and the e-mails from your mom that say, “I have a great idea for a story for you to write! About your cousin!” Or maybe the fact that people are always insulting you to your face by referring to you as though you are part of some freaky Masons-like conspiratorial organization called “the press” or “the media” and acting as though CNN’s decision to air a buttload of Anna Nicole Smith coverage during the war is somehow your fault, personally. Or, wait, sorry, that’s being “the press.” So tell us, Owner of a Media Company, what’s the worst thing about “the press”?

When an elected official runs for office and says they’ll do something and they get elected, you should check and see whether they did it,” he says smugly. “And you guys don’t do that.” Um, yeah, that never happens. But thanks for the tip. Now let’s talk about how you’re not running for president again! Have you really ruled it out? “I have ruled it out,” he tells GQ. Great! Well, when you do run, we’re going to remember you said that.

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Mike Bloomberg Owns, Is Annoyed by, ‘the Press’